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Effective Tips to Help Ease the Transition to Home Care

When the time comes, adjusting to a home care provider can be challenging for both seniors and their families. To help reduce stress, there are things you can do to help make the adjustment easier for an aging parent or elderly loved one. As an established provider of home care in McLean, Virginia, we will … Continue reading

Fulfilling Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility

After nearly a lifetime of work, many seniors are at a loss when they enter retirement. Retirement during one’s golden years offers a lot of free time that many seniors are unsure of how to utilize. Occupying oneself with hobbies is an excellent way to avoid boredom and find a renewed sense of purpose. With … Continue reading

Simple Steps to Encourage Good Bowel Movement for Seniors

Being able to pass stool regularly is a good sign that your gut health is in top shape. This ensures that we expel waste and other toxins out of our bodies. After a healthy gut has absorbed all usable nutrients from food, you don’t need what remains and it’s essential to get rid of it. … Continue reading

Ways You Can Support Your Senior’s Mobility at Home

As we age, we face a variety of physical changes, most especially with our mobility and balance. While our body undergoes these changes, our bones and muscles weaken, becoming more brittle and fragile as time passes. However, with the right lifestyle, one can mitigate mobility challenges while early. According to medical experts, following a healthy … Continue reading

Companion Care Benefits the Whole Family

Having healthy relationships and a healthy dose of social interactions are necessary for our well-being. However, without taking the time to grow these connections, these engagements may soon dwindle. For our senior loved ones, the opportunities to grow these connections can prove to be difficult mainly due to age-related factors that limit them from going … Continue reading

Why You Should Introduce Strength Training in Your Elderlies

Picturing your senior loved ones doing strength-focused exercises such as pulling weights and doing push-ups may alarm you. After all, you have enlisted a home care provider for them precisely due to their inability or decreased ability to do things on their own. However, as a home care in McLean, Virginia at Safe and Secure … Continue reading