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Category Archives: Elderly Parents Care

Challenges Faced By Seniors and Care Providers

The elderly community has been dealing with various problems even before the current national and global health issues. Fortunately, our brand of home care for seniors is committed to helping families ensure their elderly loved ones get the care they deserve. Senior Abuse and Isolation Physical, mental, and financial abuse is a critical matter to … Continue reading

The Danger of Leaving Your Aging Parent Alone

Just because your elderly parent tells you that they are capable of being left home alone doesn’t mean you should listen. Elderly individuals who are left alone the majority of the day are more likely to get hurt, compromise their safety, or deteriorate in health. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave your aging … Continue reading

5 Things NOT to Say to Your Elderly Parent

Growing older changes a lot of things, and it’s not only physical. If you have an elderly loved one, there are certain things you should refrain from saying to avoid hurting or offending their feelings. Yes, they are older and can’t do everything they used to, but they are still the same person underneath it … Continue reading

How to Deal with Elderly Parents Who Dismiss Your Feelings

If you never had a great relationship with a parent or both parents and they are now at an elderly age where they need help caring for themselves, you are not obligated to be their caregiver. While compassion, forgiveness, and empathy should often be practiced if you want to live a positive life, you still … Continue reading