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Private-Duty Customized Home Care in McLean, Virginia

How Can the Community Help Our Seniors?

Being in the community where you or your senior loved one belongs is a significant experience with many advantages. Every home care provider believes in the role of our communities or neighborhood in the recovery of senior adults dealing with an illness, disability, or any age-related frailty. Social Engagement Social integration helps prevent senior depression … Continue reading

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Challenges Faced By Seniors and Care Providers

The elderly community has been dealing with various problems even before the current national and global health issues. Fortunately, our brand of home care for seniors is committed to helping families ensure their elderly loved ones get the care they deserve. Senior Abuse and Isolation Physical, mental, and financial abuse is a critical matter to … Continue reading

The Benefits of Massage Therapy to Seniors

When we get older, our bones begin to weaken and muscles ache, which is the reason why elders cannot move around that much without a companion since their bodies are frail. Massage therapy to seniors is really helpful to relieve some of the symptoms of a variety of age-related diseases. At Safe and Secure Transition … Continue reading

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Healthy Physicals: Water-Based Exercises Good for the Elderly

There are various exercises and activities that could help improve the health of the elders. Choosing which routine may be confusing for them since there is a wide range of benefits to different kinds of exercise that could help your health. They might need support in making decisions, and Safe and Secure Transition Home Care … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Miss a Doctor’s Appointment

Coordinating your care with medical professionals, especially your doctor, is an essential way to keep your body healthy. This is particularly important if you are monitoring a health condition or are living with a chronic illness. As a home care provider, we always make sure that our clients are not missing out on their doctor’s … Continue reading

What Can Range of Motion Exercises Do?

You may have heard of range of motion exercises if you were recommended physical therapy. These are exercises that are designed to move your joints and tissues through your available physiological ranges of motion. As a home care provider, we assist our clients with range of motion exercises to help ensure their mobility. Here are … Continue reading