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Private-Duty Customized Home Care in McLean, Virginia

Helping Seniors Overcome Their Fear of Needles

Since COVID-19 vaccines are now available, many senior adults are thrilled because it helps eliminate their anxiety about the virus complicating their health. However, there are still those who are hesitant about getting vaccinated for various reasons. Interestingly, one of the reasons is the fear of needles. Believe it or not, trypanophobia is not uncommon … Continue reading

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Preparing Home-Cooked Meals for Seniors

As a trusted home care provider, we believe that senior adults who eat home-cooked meals daily are healthier and have higher energy levels. This is because they end up consuming less sugar and processed foods. By eating home-cooked meals, they can also attain improved mental wellness. The healthier the meals, the better the brain works … Continue reading

Hospital Discharge: How to Benefit in Our Care

Getting out of the hospital and transitioning to personal home care still needs a lot of assistance. There is a certain level of care that the patient needs to receive to gain full recovery. With the right team to help you, your journey to restoring your health is guaranteed. Hiring the services of a home … Continue reading

Reasons to Choose Hourly Care for Your Elderly

Is your senior parent already aging but only needs little assistance? And despite this, you still want them to receive optimum care? Safe and Secure Transition Home Care is your answer. Our home care services in Virginia offer hourly care. This type of care is ideal for your senior loved ones that are generally healthy. … Continue reading

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6 Telltale Signs You Need to Hire a Home Care Agency

Adult children are often too busy with their own lives to notice if their aging parents are in need of some assistance. In contrast, many older adults don’t want to feel like a burden to anyone, so they keep their mobility or health issues to themselves. Whether it’s trying to hold on to the parent-child … Continue reading

Ways Comfort Care Benefits Your Loved One

Choosing to transition a loved one to comfort care can be the most difficult conversation for the family. As a provider of elderly care, we understand that some members, may resist, especially those who are close to the patient. However, no matter what, an important decision must be made. Patients who are nearing their end … Continue reading