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Private-Duty Customized Home Care in McLean, Virginia

Aging Parents: 6 Signs You Should Not Ignore

The majority of the aging population wants to hold on to their independence as long as possible often hiding health problems and hesitating to ask for any help from their children or family members. If you are an adult child or family member with an aging parent or loved one, here are six signs you … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need to Live in The Same State to Help Care for Your Parents

During the pre-digital, age adult children would have had to move back to their elderly parent’s city or home to help care for their aging parents, but thanks to the internet, Zoom, and Ring, helping care for a senior-aged parent is possible. You don’t have to feel guilty that you aren’t able to physically aid … Continue reading

Is Moving Your Parent into Your Home the Right Choice?

Your parents raised you to become an independent, self-sufficient, and responsible individual, so when you moved out to go to college or get your own place, it was a memorable day for everyone. Now fast forward to the present, and tables have turned, and you are now contemplating whether or not to move your aging … Continue reading

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Signs It’s Time to Give the Caregiving Responsibility of Your Parent to Someone Else

If you were raised by loving, caring, and attentive parents you will most likely be filled with gratitude as an adult and would want to repay them back once they reach their senior years. This type of repayment isn’t necessarily financial, but repayment using your time, attention, and care. Many adult children will find themselves … Continue reading

How to Help Your Elderly Parent Cope After They Lose Their Spouse

Losing a partner or spouse is never easy, especially if two people have been together for decades. If your parent suffered a recent loss or is still grieving the loss of their wife or husband, here are some ways to help them cope: Compassion. When a person is suffering in silence, the best thing you … Continue reading

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An Overview of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Nobody thinks about the possibility of losing their eyesight, but it’s an unfortunate reality that most of us will have to accept at some point. The older we get, the higher our risk is for eye problems, such as age-related macular degeneration. To help you develop a better understanding, we at Safe and Secure Transition … Continue reading