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The Start of a Better Life at Home!

Without a question, we all face challenges in our life. There may be times when we need to confront problems on our own, but this does not invalidate the importance of seeking assistance. It’s especially applicable when it comes to your needs at home. Home care in McLean, Virginia has been established to provide a … Continue reading

Challenges Faced By Seniors and Care Providers

The elderly community has been dealing with various problems even before the current national and global health issues. Fortunately, our brand of home care for seniors is committed to helping families ensure their elderly loved ones get the care they deserve. Senior Abuse and Isolation Physical, mental, and financial abuse is a critical matter to … Continue reading

What Can Range of Motion Exercises Do?

You may have heard of range of motion exercises if you were recommended physical therapy. These are exercises that are designed to move your joints and tissues through your available physiological ranges of motion. As a home care provider, we assist our clients with range of motion exercises to help ensure their mobility. Here are … Continue reading

Two-Way Benefit of Respite Care

Every caregiver knows that elderly care can be overwhelming at times and once in a while, taking a break is just what you need. With the help of independent providers of home care services in Virginia, you will be able to get started in planning your relief. It may seem daunting and you may not … Continue reading

Signs It’s Time to Give the Caregiving Responsibility of Your Parent to Someone Else

If you were raised by loving, caring, and attentive parents you will most likely be filled with gratitude as an adult and would want to repay them back once they reach their senior years. This type of repayment isn’t necessarily financial, but repayment using your time, attention, and care. Many adult children will find themselves … Continue reading

5 Things NOT to Say to Your Elderly Parent

Growing older changes a lot of things, and it’s not only physical. If you have an elderly loved one, there are certain things you should refrain from saying to avoid hurting or offending their feelings. Yes, they are older and can’t do everything they used to, but they are still the same person underneath it … Continue reading