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Ways You Can Support Your Senior’s Mobility at Home


As we age, we face a variety of physical changes, most especially with our mobility and balance. While our body undergoes these changes, our bones and muscles weaken, becoming more brittle and fragile as time passes.

However, with the right lifestyle, one can mitigate mobility challenges while early. According to medical experts, following a healthy balanced diet with exercise can help strengthen the body even while we age. With the assistance of a professional trainer, seniors can participate in strength and endurance training to strengthen their core and balance.

Aside from these, allow our home care in McLean, Virginia, to share simple ways you can support your senior’s mobility at home:

  • Install ramps next to stairs.
    Ramps are more accessible for individuals using a wheelchair or any assistive device.
  • Make space by arranging furniture
    Re-arranging furniture and getting rid of things at home that you don’t need is a great way to clear up unnecessary clutter and free space.
  • Accessibility is key
    Install grab bars, non-slip carpets, or tiles, as well as replace dim lighting to ensure that your seniors will have support wherever they may be.
  • Change doorknobs with lever doorknobs
    Your senior can easily grip the lever and pull it down since levers/handles require little strength.
  • Enlist the assistance of a home care provider
    Professional caregivers can look after your loved ones and their wellness at home whenever and wherever. Home care services in Virginia can assist with housekeeping, personal care, companionship, as well as other wellness needs.

Safe And Secure Transition Home Care is a provider of home care in Vienna dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients. Please send us a message should you want to know more about our services!

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