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Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Dementia


Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a handful. From attending to complex needs to navigating the changes they are going through, it can all seem overwhelming. As a result, Safe and Secure Transition Home Care, your trusty home health care in McLean, Virginia, seeks to address the misconceptions surrounding dementia, as these can only lead to confusion and stigma.

Below are a few of the most common misconceptions about the condition, straight from proven dementia care experts like us:

  • Dementia is an inevitable consequence of aging. 

    While some cognitive changes may occur as people age, dementia is a distinct medical condition. It leads to a significant cognitive decline that interferes with daily functioning.

  • There is no purpose in diagnosing dementia because nothing can be done to help affected seniors.

    Early diagnosis of dementia is essential as it affords better symptom management and access to appropriate treatments. While there’s no cure for most forms of dementia yet, interventions and services such as in-home care in Virginia can help improve quality of life, manage symptoms, and support affected seniors and their loved ones.

  • Dementia patients can’t live meaningful lives.

    People with dementia can certainly lead fulfilling lives with proper support and understanding from their families and everyone involved in their care. You may also access other resources that you want to help your mind against dementia, such as daily senior care. Therefore, engaging in stimulating activities, maintaining social connections, and meeting their changing needs, can all contribute to their well-being.

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