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How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Age at Home Safely

How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Age at Home Safely

When choosing between a nursing home or senior home care, many will choose home care as they prefer the comfort of their own home. Being able to age at home around familiar surroundings gives the elderly a sense of security, comfort, and they are able to hold on to who they are as a person, rather than just a patient or nursing home resident. This is completely understandable since all of their most prized and cherished possessions are in their home. They’ve created many memories over the years in their home and leaving it would be walking away from these special experiences. There are several things that you must do for your elderly loved one if they plan on aging at home:

  • Minimize slippery surfaces
    People tend to have less balance and coordination as they get older, especially seniors. Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury deaths among the aging population. To prevent slips and falls make sure the slippery surfaces are covered with a non-slip cover. For example, place non-slip mats in the bathtub/shower, kitchen area, stairs, near the bed, or any area of the home where there is a chance of slipping. In addition to placing non-slip mats, safety railings/grab bars should also be properly installed in the bathrooms, stairs, entrance, and throughout the home to help your loved one keep their balance and prevent any falls.
  • Remove clutter
    The more clutter, the more safety hazards. Too many items lying around the home can cause falls, fires, as well as welcome insects and rodents. You can help your elderly loved one by removing old food, throwing away broken items, and donating items they no longer need such as clothing and furniture. The more organized the home, the more space they have to move around comfortably and safely.
  • Install ramps
    If your loved one is in a wheelchair or uses a cane/walker, it would be ideal to install a ramp in front of the door so it’s easier for them to get around. If they have a caregiver, this will make pushing the wheelchair much easier and prevents injuries.
  • Fire and safety hazards
    Make sure electrical cords are new and run along the walls. Switch their gas stove to an electric stove to prevent gas leaks and fires. Don’t leave any electrical items near sinks or bathtubs. Remove or store hairdryers, electric razors, or electrical cooking appliances to prevent electrocution. All candles, lighters, and matches should be put away in a safe place. If an elderly person lights up a candle or fireplace they may forget to turn it off or they might place a flammable item near it, which is very dangerous for everyone in the house.
  • Personal safety
    If there are times where your elderly loved one is home alone without a caregiver, relative, neighbor, or friend then they should be equipped with a cell phone, a wearable medical alert system, a smartwatch, or a cordless landline phone for any emergencies. Communication throughout the day is essential and helps prevent any injuries.
  • Professional care
    While many of us would like to spend more time with our elderly loved ones and keep a close eye on them, the truth is that we can’t always be there due to work or other obligations. Hiring a professional caregiver will help alleviate your concerns and worries. Whether it’s part-time, full-time, or temporary, a professional caregiver is properly trained and experienced in elderly care, so you can rest assure knowing your elderly loved one is in good hands. Hiring a professional caregiver over someone who has no proper training may cost a little more, but a professional caregiver is thoroughly screened and went through extensive schooling and training. Don’t take a chance with a person who doesn’t have any formal schooling, training, or experience with elderly care. That will just put your elderly loved one at risk. When it comes to your elderly loved one aging at home, taking the extra precautions is worth it- for their safety and your peace of mind.

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