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The Risks of Alzheimer’s Disease in the Elderly

Alzheimer’s Disease. The silent, unbidden thief that steals away cherished memories, identity, and independence from millions of seniors around the world. Increasingly pervasive with age, Alzheimer’s disease threatens our golden years with the specter of cognitive decline. We can attest to this as a dependable provider of home health care in McLean, Virginia. Let’s face it, growing older is a gift, but a gift that bears hidden challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are a few risk factors we have listed:

  • Alzheimer’s is age-related.
    As we age, the risk of developing this illness accelerates, especially beyond the age of 65. This reality underscores the urgency of building an inclusive support system for the aging population. It also amplifies the importance of investing in preventive healthcare measures and pioneering research to combat this disorder.
  • Genetic predisposition is another sobering reality.
    Certain genetic mutations directly cause Alzheimer’s, and family history could potentially double or even triple your risk. This makes early detection and awareness paramount for those with a familial history of the disease.
  • Lifestyle factors also play a pivotal role.
    Sedentary habits, unhealthy diets, chronic stress, and uncontrolled cardiovascular conditions can all contribute to the disease’s onset. In-home care in Virginia can support you in making lifestyle modifications as early as now.

Understanding the risk of Alzheimer’s in our later years is not to instill fear, but to equip us with the knowledge needed to face this challenge head-on. Our home care in Virginia can be of great help to people dealing with such issues.

Safe and Secure Transition Home Care offers Alzheimer’s care as part of our services. In case you need our expertise, please feel free to reach out to us today!

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