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Aging at Home Doesn’t Mean Being Stuck at Home Everyday

Aging at Home Doesn’t Mean Being Stuck at Home Everyday

Just because your elderly parent is aging at home doesn’t mean they should be stuck at home day in and day out. In some cases, an elderly loved one’s mobility or health impacts their ability to be active as they once were, but they still need to get out of the house a couple to a few hours a week for both their physical and mental health. If your elderly parent has a senior home caregiver, you can give their professional caregiver a list of places where your elderly parent can go to while you are at work for a specified amount of time. Here are a few suggestions that are senior appropriate and takes their elderly health into consideration:

  • Museums
    A museum is an ideal place to take an elderly parent especially during weekday mornings and afternoons when most people are at work or at school so it’s less crowded. Museums also have senior citizen discounts, so it makes it a very budget friendly outing. Your elderly parent can take their time navigating through the museum looking at artwork, relics, and sculptures. This stimulates their brain and gives them a chance to get out of the house. Museums accommodate walkers and wheelchairs all year round making them an ideal place to visit.
  • Local Park
    If your elderly loved one lives near a park their professional caregiver can take a walk with them to the local park. A park is not only free, but it’s often a popular destination for residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods. This allows your elderly parent to be around others, see kids play, watch dogs fetch balls, and catch up with old neighborhood friends and acquaintances. Local parks bring the community together and a free way to have fun and socialize. Between the fresh air, green grass, flowers, and blue skies above, what’s not to love? Just remind your parent’s caregiver to put some sunblock or bug repellent before leaving the house. Your elderly parent’s caregiver can even pack a light healthy lunch for your parent to eat at the park for some al fresco dining.
  • Movies
    Even older adults enjoy going to the movies to see the latest showings. While evening and weekend movies aren’t recommended because they tend to be more crowded, early movie matinees are more suitable for seniors. Matinees are typically less crowded making it easier for your elderly parent to navigate through the theater without being rushed or accidently pushed avoiding accidents. Early movies also are more budget friendly making them much cheaper then evening movies. This gives your elderly parent the opportunity to get out of the house for a couple hours and since movies are indoors movie matinees are always a great idea all year round.
  • Place of Worship
    If your elderly parent practices a specific faith and has always attended a specific church, synagogue, temple, or mosque then they should still have the opportunity to go. Taking your elderly parent or loved one to their place of worship gives them the chance to get out of the house, practice their faith, dress nicely, and make friends or catch up with old ones. Many places of worship also have a calendar for craft fairs, bingo, lunches, holiday dinners, and prayer groups allowing your elderly parent to plan ahead.
  • Backyard
    If your parent’s declining health limits them from leaving the safety of their home, then letting them get some fresh air and some sun for a few minutes in the backyard will do wonders for their spirit. Nobody wants to be cooped up in their room or house all day long because it leads to cabin fever, winter blues, anxiety, lower self-esteem, depression, and a feeling of isolation. Getting some sun isn’t about getting a nice tan, it’s about getting the recommended dosage of some Vitamin D.

If you are too busy to accompany your elderly parent anywhere then you can entrust their care with a professional caregiver. Your aging parent deserves to live their highest quality of life and just because they are of elderly age doesn’t mean they should stop living. When your elderly parent leaves the home to do something enjoyable it maintains their sense of self. They will be happier, excited, and will have something to talk to you about giving them a new zest for life!

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