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Hiring a Professional Caregiver Is an Act of Love Too

Not Wanting to Be Your Parent’s Caregiver Isn’t Being Selfish - It’s Selfcare

Not everyone is built to be a caregiver, and it is not necessarily a good or bad thing. The truth of the matter is, not everyone has the same patience, nurturing skills, experience, or time to tend to another person’s needs. If you have an elderly parent and their well-being is your responsibility, but you do not want to partake in any of their care, do not feel guilty. You are not being selfish when you decide that you don’t want to physically take care of your elderly parent. Actually, you are just realistic and mindful of your elderly parent’s needs and that they deserve and require professional care– something you can’t provide. While some adult children sacrifice their careers, family life, and social life to be their elderly parent’s caregiver, they often find out shortly after that the responsibility of being a caregiver is too much to handle. Not only does the heavy responsibility takes a professional and personal toll, but the stress also takes a toll on a mental and emotional level.

Deciding to hire a professional caregiver means your aging parent’s overall well-being, needs, safety, and health is important and a priority to you. This also gives you time for work, a social life, and quality time with your spouse/significant other or children. If you were to add a family caregiver to your plate of obligations and responsibilities, your stress levels will definitely go up because caregiving requires a lot of dedication and focus. If you already have too much to handle, being a caregiver is not advisable because not only wouldn’t you be able to provide proper care for your elderly parent, but you also wouldn’t be able to give yourself the proper care you need. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This saying basically summarizes it all up, if you don’t have it in you to be a caregiver, then don’t be a caregiver, period. The main focus is your elderly parent’s quality of life and who is the most suitable to provide that care, and in most instances, it is a professionally trained and licensed senior home caregiver. Don’t put your health and your elderly parent’s health at risk because you think being their caregiver is doing the right thing. Make the right thing by hiring a qualified home care agency whose staff can give your elderly parent their undivided attention and care.

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