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Healthy Physicals: Water-Based Exercises Good for the Elderly


There are various exercises and activities that could help improve the health of the elders. Choosing which routine may be confusing for them since there is a wide range of benefits to different kinds of exercise that could help your health. They might need support in making decisions, and Safe and Secure Transition Home Care is prepared to assist seniors in their journey to a better physical health. Our home care in McLean, Virginia, sees to it that you are a priority.

There are several exercises, such as yoga, Zumba, jogging, biking, and many more, but here’s why a lot of seniors choose water-based exercises. Water-based exercises are resistance training through the pressure of the water, which helps build strength for the seniors and improves balance, coordination, and mobility. One of our home care services in Virginia is to make sure to keep seniors safe while they have the choice to do what they want as long as they remain safe.

The benefit of this senior care exercise is to avoid being out-balanced in their daily lives. It improves cardio fitness too. It also releases negative thoughts from your mind that can cause depression and anxiety since it releases positive endorphins into the body. It also helps you socialize with other people to improve your social health.

The water-based exercise can be part of your personal elderly care routine. Our home caregivers are willing to support, encourage, and accompany you to your activities. They can provide for your needs and offer you pieces of advice when you need it.

Choose the care of our home care providers and enjoy a beautiful and productive aging journey. We keep our lines open for you.

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