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Helping Seniors Overcome Their Fear of Needles


Since COVID-19 vaccines are now available, many senior adults are thrilled because it helps eliminate their anxiety about the virus complicating their health. However, there are still those who are hesitant about getting vaccinated for various reasons. Interestingly, one of the reasons is the fear of needles.

Believe it or not, trypanophobia is not uncommon among senior adults. Yes, they are wiser and have more experience in life. However, they are not exempted from phobias. Phobias like trypanophobia still manifest in their age group.

Many health experts in senior care surmise that this fear of needles is difficult to explain for senior adults. They can only guess that it stems from traumatic experiences in the past or basically just low pain tolerance. Nevertheless, they explain that constant support and, perhaps, counseling can help senior adults overcome their fear of needles.

If you suspect that your senior loved one doesn’t want to get vaccinated due to their fear of needles, it’s essential to talk with them about it. It can be good for them to let them know that you’ll be there for them. Letting them speak with health professionals for support also helps.

Should you be unavailable to accompany your senior loved one to their vaccination appointment, you can ask a home care provider to have a dedicated care worker to be there for them.

Part of our home care services in Virginia is companionship. If our client needs someone to accompany them to their important appointments, we can be of help.

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