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What Can Range of Motion Exercises Do?


You may have heard of range of motion exercises if you were recommended physical therapy. These are exercises that are designed to move your joints and tissues through your available physiological ranges of motion. As a home care provider, we assist our clients with range of motion exercises to help ensure their mobility.

Here are some of the range of motion exercises we provide as part of our home care services in Virginia:

  • Active range of motion
    These are performed independently when the patient can contract, control, and coordinate their movement.
  • Active assisted range of motion
    These are assisted exercises performed when the patient is experiencing weakness, fatigue, pain, or changes in muscle tone.
  • Passive range of motion
    These are performed when the patient is unable or not permitted to move a body segment due to conditions such as paralysis, a healing fracture, pain, or comatose.

These exercises can prevent the development of muscle shortening, contractures, shortening of capsules, ligaments, and tendons. They also provide sensory stimulation.

Are you in need of home care in McLean, Virginia to help you with various range of motion exercises? We at Safe and Secure Transition Home Care deliver exceptional, high-quality care within the comfort of your own home.

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