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Hospital Discharge: How to Benefit in Our Care


Getting out of the hospital and transitioning to personal home care still needs a lot of assistance. There is a certain level of care that the patient needs to receive to gain full recovery. With the right team to help you, your journey to restoring your health is guaranteed.

Hiring the services of a home care provider will help reduce the chance of re-admission. Transitioning from hospital care to home care is very crucial. Hence, experience the care of the right hands who can deliver excellence and competence.

Under our home care services in Virginia, we offer a hospital-to-home care plan. This service will cover:

  • hospital sitting services
  • discharge assistance
  • post-hospitalization care

We also provide transportation for your loved ones when they need to visit the doctor’s office and other appointments. Let us help your loved ones regain their self-care skills as they slowly adjust to their new condition. Under our home care in McLean, Virginia, we make sure not to strain your loved ones with the stress of resettling back into a home environment.

Safe and Secure Transition Home Care will provide you the safety and the necessary care that you need. We provide our services with a recovery plan. With this, we ensure to follow each care plan strictly. We will do our best to reduce your risk of re-hospitalization. It is essential for us that our patients stay healthy and refrain from gaining health complications.

Learn more about the variety of services that we offer. We have different types of care plans and services ready for you. Check out the details here on our website. Should you need further assistance, call us. We would be glad to assist you.

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