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Reasons to Choose Hourly Care for Your Elderly


Is your senior parent already aging but only needs little assistance? And despite this, you still want them to receive optimum care? Safe and Secure Transition Home Care is your answer.

Our home care services in Virginia offer hourly care. This type of care is ideal for your senior loved ones that are generally healthy. Under this type of service, we provide care plans that are on a daily schedule. Our care plan will allow at least five hours a day to seniors who only need intermittent assistance.

With this kind of set-up, seniors will receive home care assistance depending on their needs and preferences. Under our care, we will design a plan for your elderly according to the care they require. We also put into consideration their accustomed activities, budget, and the level of independence they prefer.

If you are considering availing this service for them, expect that they will receive:

  • medication reminders
  • mobility assistance
  • meal preparation
  • hygiene care assistance
  • light housekeeping

As a home care provider, we make sure to offer flexible care, even if we have no predetermined day and starting schedule. We will continue to deliver. We maintain the utmost excellence in every task that you require from us.

This set-up that our home care in McLean, Virginia, is offering can be perfect for your family. If your senior parents are under the same roof as you, you can hire our hourly services to keep them company while you are away for work. Indeed, with our partnership, we will offer you a win-win situation.

Discover more of the various services that we offer. Continue browsing our website for more details. Should you have other concerns, contact us.

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