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Is Moving Your Parent into Your Home the Right Choice?

Is Moving Your Parent into Your Home the Right Choice?

Your parents raised you to become an independent, self-sufficient, and responsible individual, so when you moved out to go to college or get your own place, it was a memorable day for everyone. Now fast forward to the present, and tables have turned, and you are now contemplating whether or not to move your aging parent into your home. What do you do? Do you move all their belongings in and get their room ready, or do you start looking for nearby nursing homes? Here are some important factors you need to consider when deciding whether or not to move your elderly mother or elderly dad into your own home:

  • Are they safe in their own home?

    That is the major question you need to ask yourself. Are they safe living alone by themselves? Even with a caregiver checking in on them, will they be okay during times alone? How far do they live from you or their closest relative? Is their home elderly safe or filled with hazards? Do they require constant care and attention? If your elderly parent lives more than thirty minutes away and they are having health or mobility issues, then moving them into your home may be a good idea.

  • Are they financially able?

    Considering their age, they probably can no longer work a full-time job, so their income is restricted. Do they have retirement savings? Is their mortgage paid off, or do they still make monthly payments? Are they able to pay their utilities and other living expenses? If your elderly parent is having a hard time paying their monthly bills or requires your financial help, moving them into your home may put less of a financial burden on you both. The saved funds can go towards a caregiver to help care for your elderly parent while you balance your professional and personal life.

  • Does your family want your elderly parent to move in?

    Have you spoken to your spouse and children about how they feel about grandma or grandpa moving in? If they reacted with positivity and excitement, then moving your elderly parent may be a good thing for the whole family, especially if your children have a special bond with your aging parent. Being able to see your kids and elderly parent communicate, interact, and show each other love is beyond priceless. In addition, your elderly parent won’t have too many years left, if you move them in you’ll have more time to spend with them before they are gone.

  • Is there space for your elderly parent in your home?

    Do you have an extra room for your aging parent? Will they have their own space for a bed and their belongings? Will they have their own bathroom with non-slip flooring, grab rails, and other accommodations? Are you willing to rearrange the furniture in your home to accommodate your elderly parent? Is your home big enough to house your elderly parent comfortably while maintaining a sense of privacy and order for the rest of the family? Giving your elderly parent their own room will give them their own personal space and privacy that they will still want even in their old age, plus when they have their own room, it will be easier for caregivers to provide care and keep an eye on them without being distracted by other family members.

  • Do you want to move your elderly parent in?

    Beyond the financial aspect or square footage of your home, the main question is: Do you want to move your elderly parent in? Is this something you want to do without feeling forced? You need to take the time and consider all the pros and cons and decide if this is something you really want to do. If you always had a great relationship with your elderly parent making this decision is easy, but if your relationship with your parent throughout the years hasn’t been the best, moving them in may affect your mental health. If the situation is the latter, then I’d reconsider moving them in, but if you’ve always had a strong, loving bond, then moving them in with you will probably be a decision you won’t regret, especially after they are gone.

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