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Recreational Activities to Lower Dementia Risk


Plenty of scientific studies can prove the effectiveness of recreational activities in improving cognitive functions. Whether the nature of activities is physical, mental, or social, all of these significantly contribute to lowering Alzheimer’s risk.

Mentally stimulating activities offer the highest brain benefits out of the three, contributing to a 23% lower risk of cognitive decline. Caregivers and nurses of in-home care in Virginia are encouraged to provide opportunities for maximum mental stimulation. Some of these pastimes include reading, playing card games like poker or puzzles like crossword and jigsaw, and games that involve strategies like chess.

Next are physical activities, which offer a 17% lower risk of cognitive decline. These activities include walking, jogging, running, hiking, and playing sports. Even group exercises also produce a similar effect. Even a simple brisk walking, cleaning, and gardening is already considered a physical activity. Make sure to have a home health aide assisting you.

Social activities are the third recreational activity that lowers the risk by up to 7%. Older people can avail of a companionship service from trusted home care in Virginia. Seniors are encouraged to join support groups, group discussions, volunteer work, and the like.

Ensuring the safety and preventing symptoms of chronic conditions is the goal of Safe and Secure Transition Home Care. It is even better for elderly care staff to encourage elders to do all three for optimum results.

Adult children of elderly parents should reach out to the nearest provider of home health care in McLean, Virginia, for their peace of mind. Make sure to visit them every once in a while and book our services today.

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