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Why You Should Introduce Strength Training in Your Elderlies

Why You Should Introduce Strength Training in Your Elderlies

Picturing your senior loved ones doing strength-focused exercises such as pulling weights and doing push-ups may alarm you. After all, you have enlisted a home care provider for them precisely due to their inability or decreased ability to do things on their own.

However, as a home care in McLean, Virginia at Safe and Secure Transition Home Care, we would like to assure you that strength training is important at any stage in our lives, but especially so for them. This is because our muscles weaken with age and may even cause us to lose them if we don’t use them. We also tend to have decreased muscle mass and strength, increased body fat, stiffer joints, and increased bone porosity during our golden years.

In line with this, we are enumerating the ways that strength training can help your elderlies maintain and improve muscle and bone health and function:

  • Strength training helps improve bone density that prevents bone fractures and reduces the risks for breaks.
  • Strength training helps increase muscle mass by reversing muscle loss and building muscle mass and strength.
  • Strength training helps improve overall functional movement, reducing the need for assistive devices and helping them become more independent.

Of course, before undertaking any form of exercise, seek the advice of their physician first. It is also ideal to enlist for them home care assistance to ensure their safety and consistency.

For more information on how our home care services in Virginia can make your elderly loved ones’ every day easier, contact us today.

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