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Comprehending the Most Typical Kinds of Dementia


Approximately 5.0 million adults had dementia in 2014. This number is expected to reach about 14 million in 2060. Dementia is not a particular illness but a general term intended to describe the impaired capacity of an individual to think, remember or make decisions that affect doing daily activities. Read on to learn some of the most typical types of dementia that are given treatment by our healthcare experts, such as those providing home care services in Virginia.

  • Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer’s is considered the most typical kind of dementia, which accounts for about 60 to 80 % of cases. It’s due to some changes that take place in our brains. Its most notable symptom is memory loss or having difficulty remembering events that happened recently, like conversations that occurred just minutes or hours ago, as well as having a hard time remembering memories that occurred in the distant past in the later stages of the disease.

  • Vascular dementia

    Approximately 10% of dementia cases are associated with strokes or other issues involving blood flow to our brain. Other risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, as shared by healthcare professionals like our home care provider. Symptoms differ depending on the particular area and the size of the brain affected.

  • Lewy body dementia

    Aside from the more common symptoms, such as loss of memory, individuals suffering from this type of dementia may experience movement or balance issues, such as trembling or stiffness. Several individuals experience changes in alertness, including sleepiness during the day, confusion, or staring periods, as disseminated by healthcare professionals such as those providing home care in Arlington.

  • Mixed dementia

    According to health experts such as those offering home care in Burke, there are instances when over one kind of dementia affects a person’s brain simultaneously, especially for those individuals who are 80 and above. For example, an individual may suffer from Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia together.

At Safe and Secure Transition Home Care, our team of highly proficient healthcare professionals will provide excellent healthcare services to help your loved one with dementia live the best life possible. Feel free to contact us about our home care in McLean, Virginia.

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