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What to Know After a Loved One Has Experienced Stroke

Stroke is among the serious health conditions that we dread happening to us or our loved ones. It can lead to disability or even death. If ever our loved one has suffered from a stroke, we should do our best to prevent another strike of stroke and for them to live in the best possible way and help them recover. What follows are some of the essential things we should know after our loved one has experienced a stroke, as recommended by healthcare professionals such as those providing home care services in Virginia:

  • Minimize risks to prevent a stroke from striking again

    The risk of stroke survivors experiencing another stroke is high, as warned by healthcare experts like those offering home care in McLean. We should ensure that our loved one follows a healthy diet, exercise, takes medications as prescribed by doctors, and visits their healthcare provider regularly.

  • Several factors affect recovery

    The recovery of our loved one will depend on many things, such as the area of the brain where the stroke happened, how serious are damage to the brain, the motivation of the survivor, caregiver assistance, the amount and the rehabilitation quality provided, and the health of the survivor prior the stroke.

  • Never ignore falls

    It’s typical to fall following a stroke. Healthcare experts like the home care provider recommend taking our loved one to the emergency room if the fall is critical and causes extreme pain, bleeding, or bruising. If our loved one experiences minor falls over two times in six months, seeing our doctor or physical therapist to receive the appropriate treatment is suggested.

  • Preventing depression before it obstructs recovery

    Depression after a stroke is typical. About 30 to 50 % of stroke survivors experience depression during the early or later stages of post-stroke. Our loved one’s recovery and rehabilitation will significantly be affected by post-stroke depression. We should consult our healthcare providers, such as those providing home care in Falls Church, to provide the best possible action plan.

At Safe and Secure Transition Home Care, we have highly proficient healthcare professionals who will assist your loved one and help them recover from a stroke. Feel free to contact us about our home care in McLean, Virginia.

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