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Heart-Healthy Tips to Boost Cardiovascular Health


The key to healthy aging is taking care of one’s heart. Considering cardiovascular disease is one of the most common conditions in seniors, it’s important to look after our hearts as we age. In addition to having a home care provider, there are many ways seniors can boost cardiovascular health. As an agency offering home care in McLean, Virginia, we will share tips to improve cardiovascular health in aging adults:

  • Maintain a heart-healthy diet.

    A heart-healthy diet should be high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. A provider of home care in Springfield can help seniors with their diet. Seniors and their caregivers should read nutrition labels. This will help limit saturated fats, trans fats, and added sugars.

  • Stay physically active.

    A balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to maintain a healthy weight. Exercising does not necessarily have to entail strenuous workouts. Seniors can still stay physically fit by taking part in activities like dancing or gardening. This entails any physical activity that requires them to get up and move instead of sitting for hours each day.

  • Minimize unnecessary stress.

    Stress is a part of daily life, but when left unmanaged, it affects our physical and mental health. Chronic stress is known to affect the immune system and cause depression. Seniors should learn healthy ways to cope with stress by trying relaxation techniques and eliminating stressors.

Safe and Secure Transition Home Care is a trusted agency specializing in exceptional home care services in Virginia that you can rely on. We offer a wide range of client-focused care services to help your aging loved one live a healthier and happier life at home. Reach out to us to discuss your loved one’s care needs.

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