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How Important Is Travelling with NEMT Benefit Patients?

How Important Is Travelling with NEMT Benefit Patients?

Non-emergency medical transportation, under our home care services in Virginia, is one of the better options for patients. Immobile patients will experience a lot of hassle when going to doctor’s appointments. Usually, NEMT services are offered separately from general health care. However, some care providers include transportation services in the service they provide.

As a home care provider, we have proven that NEMT is beneficial to patients having difficulty with their mobility because:

  • NEMT providers, can communicate with doctors and hospitals where the patient has an appointment.
  • The vehicles they provide are equipped with the necessary life support equipment.
  • The assistants that will be there for the patients are medically trained.
  • It is fast, reliable, easy, and hassle-free.

The transport services under our home care services in Virginia, it include:

Under this service, we have a power lift van that can fully secure the safety of your loved ones. We also provide gurney transport and wheelchair transport, in case you are interested in these.

Safe and Secure Transition Home Care offers general transition home care in McLean, Virginia. We offer a wide array of care options for our clients that are flexible, reliable, and exceptional.

Under our care, we make sure to achieve our presented goal-to provide quality care to our clients. We promise to deliver stress-free services and care for your loved ones so you can pursue your other responsibilities.

For further information about our services, contact us.

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