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Ways Comfort Care Benefits Your Loved One

Ways Comfort Care Benefits Your Loved One

Choosing to transition a loved one to comfort care can be the most difficult conversation for the family. As a provider of elderly care, we understand that some members, may resist, especially those who are close to the patient. However, no matter what, an important decision must be made.

Patients who are nearing their end of life and are terminally ill need comfort. That is why, as a home care provider, we offer comfort care. Different situations are faced by the patient and the family. Usually, the patient may choose to stop receiving medication due to its unpleasant side effect. Some will also decide to transition from hospital care to home care.

As home care in McLean, Virginia, we have a compassionate and dedicated team that offers end-of-life care. At Safe and Secure Transition Home Care we offer an interdisciplinary approach for our comfort care. With this care, the patient can benefit since:

  • It gives value to their last days
  • They can be present for their loved ones
  • They will have an option for pain and symptoms treatment
  • It reduces time spent at the hospital
  • They car prepare their mind for what’s about to happen

Comfort care can indeed be helpful for the patient and the sanity of the family. It helps for the preparation and transition to what’s about to come. And with the help of the care provider, things became manageable for both parties.

If you are looking for a provider of home care services in Virginia, call us. We provide a variety of care services depending on the level of care required and we make sure to deliver the quality care we promised to deliver.

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