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The Danger of Leaving Your Aging Parent Alone

The Danger of Leaving Your Aging Parent Alone

Just because your elderly parent tells you that they are capable of being left home alone doesn’t mean you should listen. Elderly individuals who are left alone the majority of the day are more likely to get hurt, compromise their safety, or deteriorate in health. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave your aging parent home alone:

  • Hygiene and self-care
    Many elderly adults have a difficult time keeping up with their personal hygiene due to memory or mobility issues. In addition, showering and bathing may be dangerous due to slips and falls which can be fatal.
  • Medical needs
    If your elderly parent has a medical condition such as diabetes, severe arthritis, heart disease, dementia, or Alzheimer’s they will need extra eyes to help remind them or assist them in regularly taking their prescription meds. It’s extremely dangerous to leave a senior with serious health and medical conditions alone.
  • Nutrition
    The aging population often have difficulties buying food due to their inability to drive safely. They also have a harder time prepping and cooking their meals which puts them at risk for not getting enough calories resulting in weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, and further illnesses.
  • Financial responsibilities
    Many elderly adults forget to pay their home mortgages/rent and utility bills causing their electricity to be eventually shut-off or at the worst get evicted or foreclosed. The aging population is also always targeted by financial scammers preying on the most vulnerable.
  • Household care
    Spillage, accumulated trash, and damages to the home can make your elderly parent’s home an unsafe place to live. Regular household care, housekeeping, and maintenance is necessary to avoid safety hazards.
  • Mental health
    Unlike physical health that can be seen, mental health is a silent danger. Leaving your aging parent home alone will increase depression, elderly suicide, isolation, and increased anxiety. Being alone can also make their current health issues even worst.

If you have an elderly parent but can’t be home to watch over them due to personal, professional, or distance, then strongly hiring a professional senior home caregiver should be taken into great consideration. Don’t wait because the older they get and the longer they are left alone, the more dangerous it becomes.

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