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The Importance of Meal Preparation for Seniors

The Importance of Meal Preparation for Seniors

Senior hunger is on a steady rise in the United States and it is expected to grow if ignored. For many it has less to do with finances but more to do with being able to drive to the grocery store and prepare their own meals. Mobility, vision loss, and deteriorating health directly impacts the elderly and their ability to go grocery shopping and prepping their own food. Seniors who still shop and cook for themselves even if they are suffering a decline in health are putting themselves in danger. A professional caregiver will ensure your aging parent’s daily meals are properly prepared based on diet and requests. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a caregiver to prepare your elderly parent’s meals.

  1. Grocery shopping

    A caregiver will do all the grocery shopping based on the grocery list and budget. Your elderly parent does not need to put them or anyone else in danger by being behind the steering wheel of a car. It is especially dangerous for a senior to drive to the grocery store if their eyesight has weakened increasing their chances of getting into a car accident. If your elderly parent prefers to pick their own groceries, then a professional caregiver can drive them to the grocery store and assist them during their grocery store trip. Another option is for you to place an online grocery order for delivery when the professional caregiver is with your elderly parent to assist with bringing the groceries into your elderly parent’s home after delivery.

  2. Storage and shelves

    Putting away groceries will not be something your elderly parent will have to worry about. A professional caregiver will put away the produce, meats, cans, and jars in its proper place to maintain shelf life and organization. The last thing you want are cans or jars falling on your elderly parent or causing spillage – increasing falls and injuries.

  3. Meal prepping

    Food preparation is easier said than done especially if an elderly individual has rheumatoid arthritis in the hands preventing them from properly holding a knife. Meal prepping can be extremely dangerous if left in the wrong hands increasing risk of knife injury. If a senior has arthritis in their knees or mobility issues standing up to peel, cut, prep, and cook their own meals will be incredibly challenging. Another worst-case scenario is if an elderly person has dementia or Alzheimer’s and they forget the stove or oven is on causing a home fire.

  4. Cooking meals

    Professional caregivers are trained in nutrition, food safety, meal preparation, and elderly healthcare ensuring your aging parent will be fed by a trusted professional. They know the proper size and softness the vegetables and meats should be cut and served to prevent choking. While they will follow certain health and safety guidelines, caregivers will also listen to requests, likes and dislikes when cooking meals because they still want your elderly parent to enjoy their meals.

  5. Never skip a meal

    Seniors often skip meals especially if they live alone. The reason for meal skipping can be due to underlying health issues, depression, mobility issues, or there is not food in their kitchen. A trusted caregiver will make your elderly parent’s daily meals a priority. Your parent will never miss a meal or go to bed on an empty stomach. You and your family will never have to worry about whether or not your elderly parent has eaten. A professional caregiver will provide your elderly parent with food security and provide you with a secure peace of mind.

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